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About Simpligy.

Since 2013, I've been offering strategy as a service.

I originally launched my branding agency in 2008. Over time, we grew to nine-people and, I added strategic services to the agency offerings as a way to get myself more involved in the project side of the business.

See, I've always been the strategist. I've always been the problem solver, the analytical mind.

But, I've also always been the introverted (over)thinker.

And that resulted in me giving myself a back seat in the early days of our agency. I let the desigers take the client-facing roles and decide the direction of projects.

I thought that was how it was done. I mean, my lead designer literally had the title, Creative Director.

Sadly, that meant we quickly became a heavily commodotized, design-first branding agency that was easy to copy and even easier to undercut.

So, we launched a strategy division dedicated to bringing real business-building value to our clients outside of just the pretty design jobs. And we quickly turned our market on its head.

And, we ran like that, quite successfully, for the next several years.

But, as the strategists, it didn't take long before my wife Joanne and I realized that we were the ones with the most valuable expertise to offer and the other stuff was all fluff, hours padding, and throw-ins.

So we shut down the agency and evolved into a dedicated strategy consultancy.

Strategy consulting was a revelation for me.

Finally, something that my overthinking, introverted, analytical nature made me amazing at.

All too often, I see those exact traits that make for very talented strategic thinkers preventing them from taking the necessary first steps BECAUSE of their overthinking nature. Or anxiety. Or introversion. Or fear. Or just plain overwhelm.

So, I've spent the last two and a half years codifying all of my Strategy Sprint processes into the most detailed strategy consultant training on the market today. 

So you can launch your own strategy consultancy.

With the specialties, systems, scripts, software and support that you need to do it successfully.

Who I'm dedicated to helping.

I'm for the overthinkers. The introverts. The analytical brains who want to dedicate their unique (over)thinking nature to building a business on their own terms but can't seem to get out of their own way.

I'm for the aspiring strategists.

If you've dreamed of building a future without reliance on other people, equipment, and infrastructure, strategy consulting might be right for you.

But, you've been stuck because you have to satisfy your need for real details before you can launch.

And to do that, you need more than the vague PDF's and useless third-person, "watch me do it" videos on offer elsewhere.

You need details. You need how-to and why, not just what-to. You need in-depth, step-by-step processes from start to finish.

You're in the right place.

How I can help.

I help overthinkers, introverts, analytical thinkers, and aspiring strategists get out of your own way and actually launch a strategy consultancy.

But, this is more than sticking up a shingle and saying, "I'm a consultant."

There's already enough generic "training" out there offering to teach you how to be a consultant.

It's a whole different thing to know what you're consulting on. And that's typically where we get stuck.

What if I don't know the answer? What if they don't get results? What results can I even offer? What if they don't believe I can help them? What if...? What if...?

Here's the thing. The very fact that you're an overthinker, the very fact that you self-sabotage with all these what-if's, is proof of your unique, strategic-thinking ability.

We see patterns where others don't. Why?

Because we keep asking the questions until our overthinking, imposter-syndrome-loving, self-sabotaging brains are satisfied.

Just imagine what you could do with that tenacity for clients!

Let me show you how to rely on proven processes to eliminate the "what if's" and, instead, dedicate that unique thinking ability toward solving real, high-value problems for clients.

Don't get stuck in the, "what will I say, what will I consult on?" loop.

Simpligy provides you with everything you need to launch your successful strategy consultancy — including your consulting specialty.

Choose from a single strategic speciality and become a dedicated expert, or learn all five Sprints and offer your services to clients no matter where they are in their business lifecycle.

Learn more about the specialty paths by choosing from the five available sprint programs below:

    The Brand Sprint Blueprint is our flagship program.


    The reason we built this is that traditional branding projects take months. They do all sorts of demographic and competitive research, trademark searches, and endless hours of ideation, iteration, and production... most of which is designed to add billable hours and, we found that the biggest challenge to selling branding was that experience, not the lack of understanding of branding itself.


    So, we fixed it.

    The Messaging Sprint Kit is going to be one of your most popular Sprints, and one of the most fun to run. 


    First, you'll uncover your own audience's true needs, wants, and desires through a series of data-driven research techniques and develop high-impact messaging for your own brand.


    Then, you'll deploy the same exercises in a Sprint format for your clients to help them move to a more efficient, targeted messaging system that converts.

    This is the Sprint we run with every new client. We treat this like our Discovery session, except it’s paid and it gets everyone on the same foundation for all our future work together.

    The Niche Sprint Kit is a rapid client Sprint designed to help them completely design their audience definition. 

    Developing a name needs to be founded on strategy. But, done right, the right name can be one of the more persuasive elements for providing a unique experience for your clients' customers. 

    Brand, products, services, The Naming Sprint Blueprint execution opportunities are actually pretty frequent when you’re working with a growth client.

    Your clients need your perspective to help them uncover what their audience really values.


    The Product Sprint Blueprint is a streamlined process that you will run with your client's team to identify and prioritize the most valuable opportunities for your client's growth and expansion requirements.


    This is the Sprint you run when a client is trying to get into new areas of the market or wants to launch new services or products.

Or become a Sprint Master and deploy all five Sprints to support your clients wherever they may be in their business lifecycle.

Direct, advise, & lead your clients as a strategy consultant.

Become a valuable partner and an indispensable business asset to your clients by providing strategic growth support no matter where they are in their business lifecycle.

Not sure where to begin?

Join Me In The Simpligy Collective

I took all of my content in every form — podcasts, videos, articles, and guides — and plugged it into searchable topics in one place. 

And, then I added a discussion forum.


So you can join me to get quick answers, learn new skills, and gain confidence as a strategist in whichever format you prefer.